Unit 329

Topics: Risk, Need, Time Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Unit 329

1.1- As a legal requirement a risk assessment must be carried out on any journey/activity outside of the school setting, this needs to be done to evaluate all possible risks and should include important information such as any medical needs the children/staff have and emergency contact numbers. There is a range of other organisational requirements that need to be checked, the departure and return times to and from school, travel arrangements and the number of children in the group and how many staff are needed to supervise. Its important to make sure all parents are informed and have given consent before the journey/day out takes place. This should be done in writing and include at least the location, date and times, purpose of the trip, prices and what may be required for the children to bring (e.g. suitable clothing or spending money).

1.2- Its important that all children/staff involved have accurate information about the journey and are aware of what time and day they'll be leaving so that they can be ready to leave on time. They also need to know the nature of the journey out so they know what items are required, if its a trip to the swimming baths the children and relevant staff will need swimwear and a towel or if its a trip to ice skating a pair thick socks or a pair of gloves may be needed etc.

1.3- Depending on the type of journey a range of suitable things need to be considered , the age/stage of development of the group of children involved or the nature of the activity eg a trip to the cinemas which involves being sat quietly for a period of time may not be suitable for younger children or children with behaviour difficulties, ADD. Asking permission of the organisation/location might be ideal especially if taking a larger group of children. As well as this you will need to think about items that need bringing on the journey, food and drink, 1st aid kit and any medications or inhalers. Also the experience of the adults supervising...
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