Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Sign language Pages: 4 (1936 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Francesca Suzanne Emmott
Unit 301
Task A
Four different types of communication are as follows:-
Verbal communication – this is a type of communication that occurs when one person speaks to another and the other person listens. As a care worker I need to have a range of verbal communication skills to ensure that I am able to respond to questions asked to me, to find out about each individuals problems or needs to ensure they are correctly and properly met, contribute with team meetings, communication with family and friends of any individuals effectively in all circumstances including when having to break bad news, to provide help, support and reassurance to others and to deal with any problems or complaints. Effective verbal communication is a two-way-process, which consists of both speaking and listening. Non-verbal communication - As well as communicating through speech, people use a variety of forms of non-verbal communication. Some of these are referred to as body language. This is due to this type of communication body language or appearance is used to communicate in different ways. For example, when manoeuvring someone and they flinch or grimace with their face they may be expressing pain or discomfort, and a person can use their behaviour, appearance and attitude to send signals or messages to people who receive care, as well as their own colleagues about how they think or feel about a situation using body language or facial expressions. There are many different forms of non-verbal communication such as a persons facial expression, touch or contact, gestures, proximity and eye contact. Signs, symbols and objects of reference - Sometimes if a person is not able to communicate verbally signs, symbols and references can be used to communicate. Signs and symbols are graphical ways of communicating essential information, using images enables people who cannot speak or understand a spoken language, such as English, to communicate. Within my workplace...
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