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Topics: Entertainment, Marketing, Game Pages: 4 (722 words) Published: April 27, 2015
1. How has technology fragmented the audience for sports and entertainment commodities?
a. Technology has changed how people can view and talk about sports. The only way you could watch a game in the past was if you were there or read about it in the newspaper the next day. Now days you can watch it on tv, online, and on your phone.

2. Discuss how a fragmented audience is both a challenge and an opportunity for sports and entertainment marketers?
a. Fragmented audience is a challenge for marketers because they have a wide audience to reach and that could be more
expensive. A solution for that could be to focus their prime time advertising for their closer locations and the less popular times for further distances. So a challenge for this would be if you were trying to reach further distances you would have to use good marketing skills to have them come the distance for what you are advertising versus the closer distances that don’t need to worry as much about distant.

3. Discuss the relationship between competition and consumer expectations.
a. When a consumer goes out to buy a certain product they have expectations of what they want it to look like or the features of the product. The retailer then has to compete with other stores

that have that same product because they want to be the place where they buy it from. To do this they need to promote the
product better or have it cheaper than the other places.
4. Explain the downside of social media for sports and
entertainment marketers.
a. Social media has created a new place for people to talk about sports and share what they feel. So when a team does bad or a scandal happens its immediately put onto social media then
shared by others to all they’re friends and the bad news can spread quicker than good and ruin a team.
5. Discuss how 21st-century technology has increased
entertainment options for consumers.
a. In the 21st-century technology has become a huge role in
everything. Instead of having...
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