Unit 3: Marketing

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Branding, Growth Strategies and Relationship Marketing Techniques Branding
PepsiCo has many products that have been branded for a long time and have built up a reputation so they are known around the world. One product that PepsiCo owns is 7-Up and this product is quite known in a lot of countries. 7UP is a brand that has developed well. The drink had been tested many times until the perfect flavour was found and this had finally be done in 1929 when it had been made and many enjoyed the taste of the drink and it sold well, it was called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. The drink since then has developed well and it quickly became popular and the drink then became known as 7UP. There has been some early advertisement as well and a logo has been created for the drink. 7UP became the third best selling drink in the world because it was getting more known and recognized by having a logo because people would be able to recognize the drink. PepsiCo has branded its soft drink product 7UP in many ways throughout the years to get it to where it is now, it is a drink that is sold all over the world in many stores and many people enjoy it so it is quite popular and this is because of things such as advertising. 7UP has used advertising such as a cartoon mascot named “Spot” which represents the red ball which is on the log between the 7 and the UP as you can see in the logo that is shown, it has gone from the mascot to other things such as “Its an UP thing” and “Make 7UP Yours” taglines. The other logo that is shown at the top is the logo that PepsiCo uses for outside the USA. PepsiCo have used branding as one of the marketing techniques to market their products such as 7UP. I have already mentioned how PepsiCo has used many types of ways to get its brand 7UP and seen as something to people, a lot of people are able to see the 7-UP logo which is placed on the soft drink products and this is a way for people to be able to recognize the product and because 7-UP is such a known brand a lot of people would choose to buy the product over other products that are not as known because they know this brand and find it reliable and trust that there is nothing wrong it because they might have had it before as it has been around for quite a long time. 7UP is a brand that is very known and therefore many people might try and change something such as the logo which they could add something to and then use it which 7UP wouldn’t want to allow because the logo has stayed the same for quite a while and a change to the logo might confuse people, this is the reason why brands such as 7UP will ensure that their brand is protected and that anyone who changes something such as the logo can be sued. Growth Strategies

This is another marketing technique that companies such as PepsiCo use for their products and this is called growth strategies. Growth strategies are about the many things that can be done to help the company to grow bigger and become more popular and known. There are many ways that a company can use growth strategies and this can be by selling more products to existing customers, bring out new products, find new customers for the products you currently sell and new products for new customers. These 4 ways to grow and known as organic growth which is growth from within. PepsiCo has used many growth strategies to get its products more known and one main thing that they have done is bring out new products. PepsiCo has many products which are big recognized brands as you can see in the table on the right. By looking at the table you can see that the most successful product by PepsiCo is the Pepsi soft and then you can see the other products that PepsiCo owns and sells that are successful but not as successful as the Pepsi soft drink. PepsiCo has introduced a lot of products. PepsiCo has many products because it has found many gaps in the market, it doesn’t just have one specific product for its customers, it has a range of different...
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