Unit 3 health safety and security

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Unit 3:Health, safety and security in Health & Social Care Assignment 3: Incidents and Emergencies.
Scenario: Whilst on placement you are asked to take part in some staff training about incidents and emergencies related to the service users. P4: Explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in Health & Social Care For my first incident and emergency I have chosen a Fire. This has a wide range of priorities and responses that could be taken by an individual and I will be discussing them in further detail below. During a fire within a work place there is two things you should always look out for, these are security and safety. During a fire safety of you as an individual is the main thing before trying to help anyone else. However, there is also, safety problems that you need to check within the Primary school building. Some of these are simple ones like checking that the fire alarm is working and is reliable this can be solved by having this tested every couple of weeks, doing this will also make the service users aware of what actions need to be taken when this is going off. Another safety hazard that needs to be dealt with is preventing the building from collapsing. This will prevent young children or staff members from getting trapped when a fire is taking place as everything is built properly and is reliable. This can be done by making sure that the building isn’t built out of materials that will catch fire straight away. Lastly during a fire, people will be evacuating the building at a fast speed which could mean people will trip and this will cause a ripple effect as they will be getting stamped on which could cause a serious injury but make others fall to the ground also. To prevent this from happening the doors should always be wide enough to fit everybody through but a fire exit should be available in every classroom and this should be kept clear at all times. There are policy’s that link to this and these are the health & safety at work act 1974. This policy that links with this makes sure that risk assessments are ran on the building frequently to make sure there is no harm and ensures staff members receive the correct training on how to handle a situation like this to ensure everybody feels comfortable when it is happening. Another policy that links to this is the Fire Evacuation. This makes sure that staff members are trained efficiently on how to evacuate the building when a fire is taking place also, what procedures they should take for example, making sure the service users are away from any explosives once they are out of the building e.g. windows & cars. Furthermore during a fire you always need to think about the security of the building. A good example of this is making sure you know who is accessing the building at all times after the event. This will prevent private & confidential information going missing for example, students private information like their date of birth, address etc. To prevent this from happening you should have security guards and a full CCTV operation working at all times all over the building. Also, make sure alarms are working to prevent things being stolen that are not broken like expensive modern technology e.g. laptops, computers and other electrical devices. If these are stolen the primary school is losing money but will also, begin to shut down as they will have no equipment left that they could use at all so the service users will not be able learn to their full needs. This can be prevented by having these locked away in a secure cupboard or cage where only teachers can access these when needed or when the fire has taken place and certain things haven’t been damaged they could take all of equipment like this out of the building so nobody can access it and take it as it will be clear. Also, money this should be taken out of the building as usually this is kept in a safe. To prevent money being stolen from a Primary...
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