Unit 3 Health and Social Care a Level

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Health and Social Care

The aim of this essay is to review and learn about the perspectives of health and well-being, perspective measures and job roles, factors affecting health and well being, and to do a health promotion campaign. To do this we will look in books and on the internet to research each of these then once we have a good knowledge of them we will produce a campaign to teach to people on a health promotion topic.

Defining Health
I am doing first part of the essay on health and how people define it. To do this I will be handing out questionnaires and looking through my class notes and reviewing them.

There are many definitions of health, but the way you define it depends on the person e.g. “Being without illness.” this means to have no illnesses or diseases, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” this statement is trying to say you don’t just have to have an illness to be unwell it also depends on your social and mental state, and how you feel about yourself (W.H.O. 1948), “Just being happy.” this statement is just saying your healthy if your happy with yourself and your life, “Health is the extent to which an individual I wear skirts or group is able, on the one hand to realise aspiration and needs; and on the other hand, to change or cope with the environment. Health is therefore seen as a resource for everyday life, not the object of living. It is positive concept emphasing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.” (W.H.O. 1986) etc. (All of these are from class notes)

However these views have a negative and positive point side to them such as “Being without illness” which is negative, because it’s just saying, if you not injured or you don’t have and illness your in good health, but it also depends on a persons state of mind, and how the truly feel about themselves also this is a bit to straight forward, and in considerate of all the other aspects of health (PI.E.S.) because it just says it in a more scientific way (bio-medical – see the body as a machine).

Another view on health is “Being fit. Being the correct weight and height for your age. Feeling well in your self” (Appendix 2) these is a positive and negative view on health because it sees the fact that you can be unhealthy but still be happy and feel good.

Bio-medial Model of Health
This model of health dominates all other models of health. The Bio-medical or scientific model of health is when you see the body as a machine, so if it’s broken it can be fixed by repairing the damaged part e.g.

Car Person

Car wont start Person feels ill

Call garage Go to G.P.

Service Examination

Diagnosis Diagnosis

Mended Treatment offered

Car runs Feeling better

(Health and social care ocr: a. fisher etc.: p 78)

This form of health doesn’t focus on the mind or the social circumstance; it focuses on understanding how a disease works or how the person can be cured. An example of some one using this form of health care is when a doctor and other qualified people decide on a treatment or diagnosis for a patient, e.g. looking at medical tests and notes to reach a diagnosis.

Also there can be a few disadvantages to this model of health e.g. it’s not as suitable for people with long term illnesses or people with disabilities because they can not always be cured, and this form of treatment can be quite intrusive because of tests etc., so some people may not like it and...

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