unit 3

Topics: Discrimination, Self-esteem, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Pages: 7 (2822 words) Published: April 28, 2015
Deana Fraser January 31st 2015
Unit 3 – Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
1.1 Explain models of practice that underpin equality, diversity, and inclusion in own area of responsibility My role requires me to support individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. I have to ensure I uphold and promote equality and diversity in my practice and offer inclusion. I will in my role be supporting people from a diverse range of backgrounds and culture. Through this I must ensure I treat everyone equally and fairly regardless of their ability, religion, beliefs, race, gender, age, social status or sexual orientation, also taking into recognition people’s differences and valuing the contribution each makes to society. At the heart of all aspects of social care, is the promotion of an inclusive society whereby individuals have the right to control the support they receive, make their own decisions about their lives and be able to participate and contribute within their community. Ensuring that if the individual lacks capacity to fully make these decisions, family and friends are involved to ensure their needs and wishes regarding how they receive care are fully met. All this taken into account will ensure a person-centred approach is met and standards of care are followed. Within my team I will ensure they take into account their own beliefs and the impact these may have on the role they carry out. My role is also to support and influence the practice and standards of care the staff deliver and ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly without discrimination. There are policies and procedures in my workplace which will also adhere to following a range of legislations and current codes of practice. Policy updates are to be shared through the team meetings and supervisions, personal review meetings and training. These are also a good way of making sure all staff are up to date with all the latest developments and policy updates. 1.2 Analyse the potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility There are many barriers that prevent equality and inclusion and these can be based on an individual’s ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, beliefs, gender, religion, disability, mental health or physical health. Within an organisations workplace failure to uphold and follow laws and codes of practice regarding equality, diversity and inclusion will breach European and UK laws. The effect of this on the practice can be non-compliance e.g. financial, penalties, loss of registration, reputation damage, media coverage, prejudice, low staff moral, new organisational structures and systems being implemented at a financial cost. Whilst these impact on the organisation as a whole, the individual involved will also suffer the effects, some of these consequences will range from low self-esteem, poor mental and physical health, loss of confidence, isolation, helplessness and being at risk or harm or abuse.

1.3 Analyse the impact of legislation and policy initiatives on the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion on own area of responsibility Understanding the meaning of equality, diversity and inclusion is paramount within my role. I also need to be familiar with the current acts of parliament The Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

The NHS and Community Care Act (1990)
Mental Health Act (1983)
The equality Act (2010)
I will come across many clients requiring all sorts of care. Each day i will encounter speaking to many different clients , this in turn will require me to value and respect their differences. Treating them with respect, acknowledging their differences and taking their needs into account. Just because i may have 2 clients living in supported living together, both having learning difficulties. I must ensure they are treated as much as an individual as i am to them. I will always ensure i make no references to their sex, age, disability and...
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