Unit 210 Support Learning Activities

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Unit 210Support Learning Activities

Outcome 1
1.1 Before Monday’s maths lesson started I met with the teacher and planned for today’s lesson. We evaluated what had happened, planned what we wanted to happen and then the fun bit teaching.

We talked about two children who are finding maths hard. First of all we decided to move two children, who I noticed were copying each other’s work. In their new seats they couldn’t copy anyone, I then handed out the maths books and asked them to turn to the correct page and write today’s date, while the teacher was trying to get her board to work.

I then had to keep my eye on these two children throughout maths, to see how they coped on their own and make sure no one else was helping them. I floated between them both, checking their work and rewarding them with a tick and a smiley face, also a verbal well done good work.

1.2 Being positive, consistent and enthusiastic.
Iam able to explain to the children instructions very clearly, if iam not sure I would ask another member of staff.

Iam good at organising, good at listening and helping children.

I feel that my strengths impact on the support that I can provide in a positive way because I am a positive and enthusiastic person. I find this usually encourages the children to approach their work and be this way themselves.

Maths is my weakness, but working in a year 4 class I find it quite easy, iam learning with the children. If iam not sure I ask the teacher.

1.5Before the lesson I make sure each child has a white board on their table, it’s useful when they watch films they can make notes to help with their work.

Outcome 2
2.2Two children in my class need 1 to 1 help. One girl is Portuguese and the boy has dyslexia. We leave the class room to work in the shared area. I ask them questions about their work, try and get them to make up their own sentence, then I write it on the whiteboard for them to copy into their books. When we have...
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