Unit 208 Using a Diary System

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Unit 208 Using a diary system

L1 Understand a Diary System

1. Explain the purpose of using a diary system

The purpose of using a diary system is mainly to be organised. If you did not have diary systems meetings would be near to impossible to plan and you wouldn’t know where staff were if they were out of the building. A business wouldn’t run properly if this was the case, having an up to date diary will keep you and other members of staff accessible to all relevant people. Diary systems help make sure that people are able to communicate efficiently.

An example of a diary entry I recently used.


These diary entries show the room bookings for the day in each of the four rooms, this diary enables me to keep track of who is in what room and at what time they are.

2. Describe the different types of diary systems.

There are two main types of diary systems:
• Paper based diary systems, including wall planners or desk diaries • Electronic diary systems, including PDA’s or electronic software.

Paper based diary systems are handwritten and can be carried with you anywhere. This is usually preferred by some businesses as it gives more flexibility.

Electronic diary systems are inputted into a computer and are usually much more popular. The electronic diary will also automatically update when needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Diary systems

|Type of system |Advantages |Disadvantages | |Desk diary |Easy to fill in |Easy to misplace | | |Can take it anywhere with you |Can get overloaded easily and become hard| | | |to use | |Wall charts/planners |Can be visible for all staff to see |Can sometimes look confusing | | |Different colours can easily represent |People could remove stickers or they may | | |different people or events |fall off | |Electronic Diary/calendar |Can easily access other colleagues |Can not be taken around with you | | |diaries |Computer systems are unreliable and | | |Can change or edit entries quickly and |sometimes fail | | |easily | | |PDA’s/ hand-held devices |Can be taken around with you |Have to be used using a network | | |Some have touch screen which make them |connection | | |easy to use |If the device is misplaced it could hold | | | |personal information. |

1.3 Describe the purpose of obtaining relevant information about requested diary entries and changes

You must always ensure you collect all the relevant information when making a diary entry this will mean that the diary entry is entered correctly and that all the latest information is in there. If any diary entries change you will need to contact the relevant person and inform them of these changes.

L2. Understand how to use a Diary system

2.1 Describe the types of information needed for diary entries

When completing or entering a new diary entry it is best to get...
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