Unit 208 Support Children and Young Persons Health and Safety

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Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
Unit 208 Support children and young people’s health and safety
Written Questions

1.1 Give examples of how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in your school

The Health & Safety Act 1974 – Under this act individuals in any organisation are required to ensure that they report any hazards, follow the schools safety policy, make sure their actions do not harm themselves or others and use any safety equipment that is provided. There are posters that explain the employers and employees responsibilities throughout Longford Park Primary School to remind everyone how to comply with the act. My school complies with the act by ensuring any hazards are reported to Mr Provaker, the caretaker. By having cleaners coming in daily to ensure all areas of the school are clean and tidy. All equipment is stored in a locked cupboard. Fire evacuation procedures are displayed throughout the school in each classroom. Safety equipment is used by staff, for example staf on playground duty wear high visability vests and carry first aid kits.

Food Hygiene Legislation 2006 – Covers the safe preparation and storage of food. All of the cooks, kitchen and serving staff at Longford Park Primary School comply with this by holding an up to date food hygiene certificate and having annual re-tests. There are posters in the kitchen reminding staff of good practice – i.e which colour chopping board to use for which food and how to store food in the fridge correctly.

Risk Assesment - This is to identify potential hazards to staff and children, the risks are evaluated and steps to minimize the possibility of the situation arising are set out, Theses are done for day to day activities in all areas of the school and for new activities such as school trips. My school complies with this by carrying out risk assessment for activites during lesson planning and recently

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