Unit 208

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Unit 219 - Store and Retrieve Information

The Purpose of Storing And retrieving Information.

Storing information is an important part of work, for every file created, used or referenced needs to be organised and accessible to all that require it. So information needs to be stored correctly to be able to retrieve and use. Information Can be also kept for legal reasons.

The information that we handle is always being retrieved, as some of it is sent to clients or cross referenced with quote or surveys it can also be for when a client requires changes to be made or to use layout for an area we have already done work on, this information needs to be easily accessible to maximise effectiveness.

Describe Different Information Systems And Their Main Features

The term information systems, sometimes refers to a system of persons, data records and activities that process the data and information in an organisation, and it includes the organisation's manual and automated processes. Their main features will be the process carried out, for example if you wanted to save a file;

Explain The Purpose of Legal And Organisational Requirements For The Security And Confidentiality Of Information

If an organisation stores any infomation on others whether it be companies or individuals, it would need to meet the Data Protection Act. The information should be stored securely whether it is paper-based or electronically. The organisation should have an access to information policy. Anyone who has information stored about them has access to it on request. The information should not be given to third parties unless there are criminal implications and the courts demand it, or it is with the consent of the person themselves.

Explain The Purpose Of Confirming Information To Be Stored And Retrieved.

All information being stored needs to have relevance and be of use. otherwise your storage get clogged up with things that have no use. And vice versa, the information you retrieve needs to be the correct information, I.E, be for the right customer, for the right location, and with the correct job number. Otherwise if the wrong information is sent it makes the company look incompetent to the customer.

Describe ways of checking information for accuracy.

In our workplace we can check work by doing a large number of things such as confirming our work with surveyors, using Google to confirm road measurements are correct and that we are in fact working in the correct work areas.

Explain the purpose of checking information for accuracy.

If we do not check our work correctly we can cause the company to lose clients, we may have to re-draw our work which would waste time that is needed to produce more drawings, Also if our work is seriously incorrect we could potentially lead to deaths on the road if our drawings do not match proper safety measurements which are required.

Explain the purpose of providing information to agreed format and timescales

Information needs to be sent in the correct format as if it isn’t it, it may be un-useable to the client and waste time and cause confusion and/or agitation between the two companies, it could also need to be re-formatted before use, causing a delay and also creating a risk that the information will be mismanaged during reformatting.

Information not supplied within agreed timeframes may arrive after deadlines have already passed and therefore be of no use; or there may not be enough time to interpret the information for use. Further there are occasions when timeframes have a bearing on the information provided or the interpretation of same

Describe types of information that may be deleted

Almost all of our information needs to be kept, even outdated information is kept to track job progressions.

Describe problems that may occur with information systems and how to deal with them when necessary...
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