Unit 206: The roll of a health and social care worker

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Level 3

Unit 206: The roll of a health and social care worker

Explain the difference between a working relationship and a personal relationship. 1.1

A working relationship is where you are working with other people and you are working as part of a team where each person in the team is working towards the same aims and objectives. Mutual respect and understanding is needed for a good working relationship, not every body may get on in the work place, but personal feelings and opinions should be kept to yourself and at work always be professional and civil to work colleagues.

A personal relationship is a relationship that is formed because you like a person and you choose to have a personal relationship with them. This could be because you may have the same interest or hobbies as them or just get on well with them and enjoy there company. There are different personal relationships like partners, siblings, children and grandchildren and Friends.

Describe the different working relationships you might find within health and social care settings. 1.2

There are several different working relationships in the health and social care setting. These could be work colleagues, your manager, other professionals like home care, meals on wheels, the service users themselves and there families. For all of these you would have a different type of working relationship. Professionals would be more formal, but you must always talk and act professionally at all times with every person.

Explain the importance of adhering to the agreed scope of your job role. 2.1

It is important to adhere to your job role as in your job description because a service user could ask you to do something for them that could put yourself or them at risk which could cause one or both of you to get injured. You should never do something eg like hoisting someone unless you have been trained to do so. If you were to visit them outside of work to help them out this would not...
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