Unit 202. Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

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Unit 202. Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people.
Task A
1. There are many different legislations that can be related to children’s welfare, I will be talking about 6 main legislations. Children act 2006 was revised to include the Every Child Matters framework, there are 5 outcomes that the local authorities have to improve for all children and young adults up to the age of 20. The five outcomes are Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Achieve Economic Wellbeing and Make a Positive Contribution. The Children act 2006 requires that all the different services like the police and NSPCC for example work closely together, and places responsibility on the local authority to reduce inequalities, train staff and information sharing. Childcare Act 2004 came in force in result of the death of Victoria Climbie, the Laming Report suggested the way the Climbie case was handled was way below standards and made suggestions to change child protection in the UK. New guidelines were set for the care and support of children. There are 5 main guidelines and I will describe these later.These guidelines were set so everybody involved with a child/ children in the home environment, work place, school or any other setting know how children should be looked after in the eyes of law.

Human rights act 1989 sets out the rights for children to all be treated fairly and equally and that they should be protected from their rights being threaten. Every body has rights and freedoms that are different but they should be balanced against the rights and freedoms of others. There are many articles in the Human Rights act but some relate directly to schools, Article 8 ‘the right to Education’ and Article 10 ‘the right to freedom and expressions’ . Children should be protected abuse or abduction, they have a right to go to school and shouldn’t be made to work on anything that is harmful to their health. Children have a many rights and these should be followed and protected, some of these rights are the right to be healthy as possible, right to a safe environment and the right to grow up with happiness, love and understanding.

Data Protection Act 2001 states on how peoples information should be stored, kept and shared. It must be kept secure and only used for the purpose which it was meant for. It restricts on how information is used and from being passed on without peoples consent. There are 8 points that state how personal information must be used, these include :- • To be processed fairly and lawfully.

• Only be used for the purpose it was meant for.
• Adequate, relevant and not excessive.
• Must be accurate and kept up to date.
• Not to be kept longer then necessary.
• Must be processed in line with people rights.
• Must be kept secure.
• Not to be transferred outside the EU without the right protection.
Every child matters was put into place by the government after the death of Victoria Climbie and it protects the wellbeing of children from birth up to the age of 19. It says that every child should have plenty of support throughout their life. There are 5 principles that the government believe that children should have support with, these are :- • To allow children to be healthy.

• Allowing Children to remain safe in their environments.
• Helping children to enjoy life.
• Assist child to succeed.
• Help make a positive contribution to lives of children.
• Help achieve economic stability for children’s futures.
United Nations Convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC) 1989 is a international human rights treaty, revised b the UK in 1991, this states that all children should be treated fairly. All together there are 54 articles in the treaty all surrounding the welfare of children without discrimination, 7 which can be linked directly to schools.

2. Every school in England has different policies, procedures and guidance within the school to safeguard the child. Here I’m going to talk about 5 in Moat house...
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