Unit 2 – Investigating Business Resources Assignment 1

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Unit 2 – Investigating Business Resources

Assignment 1
P1    Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected business.

Introduction: In this assignment I will be analysing Microsoft

The purpose of Microsoft/ business activity:
Microsoft was set up by Bill Gates and Paul Allen (founders) in 1975 their main aim in setting up The purpose of Microsoft is to help make the lives of average people simpler using their fast and efficient software which comes with these wide range of programs such as: Development software, Digital media authoring, internet ,office, operating systems, sever software, system administration, video games, misc and others which were discontinued such as Microsoft power toys. Ownership of the business

Microsoft is a partnership business when it comes to a partnership business a deed o partnership would be signed and this deed is what maps out how the profits of the business would be shared which goes towards the payment of partners and other things which may assist the business. Normally when the paperwork is being signed a solicitor would be present to supervise, people in business partnerships they can share the workload, skills and knowledge of the business so if something happens to their partner (ill or passes away) the other person would be able to manage the business alone if need be. Advantages and disadvantages of a partnership

1. The main advantage is the sharing of skills and knowledge where one person is weak another can help making it easier to run a business 2. More people mean a higher contribution in capital which makes it easier and more flexible in a company. 3. The stress of time is lesser

4. You can consult someone about business plans
1. Arguments can come about if they have conflicting views. 2. Profits is a major issue in most partnerships one partner may feel they aren’t getting their works worth so and this is where it links back to the deed of partnerships 3. A partnership has unlimited liability.

Microsoft corporation is a American multinational business it products are known worldwide but its corporations headquarters is located in Redmond Washington in the United States of America where it was founded in 1975. The company has over 100 stores in America and in June 2012 are said to be opening another 75 stores over the next two to three years. Microsoft is known to have over 3000 workers across the US as more stores will be opening many more will be employed Recruit process:

This is diagram to show the recruitment process and what is required but before this even takes place the business has to consider whether or not they really need a new applicant and it all relies on a business’s organisation. So once they are assured they send out advertisement but before they do that they have to figure out whether they want to recruit externally or internally once that is figured out they consider or the different applicants and see if it matches the job description if so a decision is made afterwards. Once the employer has made a decision you will start work as soon as needed.


P2 Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role. Communication skills
Communication plays an important role in almost every part of your business, so being able to communicate well can boost your overall performance. Good communication is vital to structure a solid and effective team. Good communication skills are necessary when managing the performance of your team members, and if you know how to communicate well to large groups of people (other employees) you will be able to coordinate your team well and know how to advise them on what to do communication is important crucially in terms of dealing with customer complaints effectively being able...
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