Unit 2 Equality Diversity and Rights P2 P3 M1

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P2, P3, M1

The aim of this booklet, is to describe how discrimination in a health and social care setting can occur. Discrimination, means unfair or less favourable treatment of a person or group of people in comparison to others.

In this booklet, I will give information on the basis, and discriminatory practices of certain people and social groups and how they can be affected by it. Culture
A culture that a person follows identifies them as who they are, and it is very important to them. It is usually developed in the social group that they are brought up in. In health and social care, respect of a person’s culture is important for the person, as it is a creation of understanding and and support. It endorses their well-being and can help their health. But it is also important that healthcare professionals also see the bases and benefits of their care values which is paramount in respecting a person’s culture. An example of discrimination of culture in health and social care is by not providing halal for muslims or kosher food for those of the jewish faith. However, a health and social care professional may not adhere to certain cultural rituals following a death of a patient. Disabilities

In a health and social care setting it’s unlawful to discriminate against anyone who has a disability. This is covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This particular act covers employment, access to goods, facilities, and services of organisations, education, buying and renting a property and transport services, There also has to be full accessibility for any person who has a disability.

An example of disability discrimination in health and social care, is a person who is in a wheelchair may need to be weighed. Due to the layout of the building, the service user is unable to gain access to the room containing the specialist scales due to the narrowness of corridors. (this is an issue I’ve actually experienced!) The patient’s carer then has to place themselves and the patient in physical danger to have to lift and manhandle them into the room.

Another example is when someone is passed over for promotion, despite the fact that they could be more experienced and more qualified than the able bodied person who gets the job in their place.
Age discrimination is when someone is treated unfavourably because of their age. An example of this in health and social care is when an older person is refused certain drugs which could help preserve life, but because of their age it’s not seen as being value for money.

On a health and social care practitioner level, an example could be that two nurses, maybe one in their twenties and another in their late fifties apply for the same job. Both nurses are equally qualified. The younger nurse gets the job over the older nurse because the older nurse is closer to retirement age, and also the perception that the younger nurse would be easier to manipulate and mould into the ways and methods employed by the health trust.

Social Class
Discrimination of social class can be apparent from the place we live or come from. The perception is the more desirable a place is, the better it will be kept and maintained. An example of this would be someone of a higher status saying that people who are poor are more likely to get cancer than those who are rich.

On a professional level, discrimination can be when doctors look down on the nurses or lower level staff. This is particularly seen regularly from junior doctors. Who are of the opinion that they ‘know it all’ and have a tendency to disregard advice and opinions from even the most senior nurses.

Sexual orientation refers to people who are attracted to their own sex (gay and lesbian) the opposite sex (heterosexual) or both sexes (bisexual)
An example of this type of discrimination in health and social care could be that heterosexual couples may be able to...

Bibliography: Stretch, B. and Whitehouse, M. (2010) Health and Social Care Book 1 Level 3, Essex:
Pearson Education Limited
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