unit 2 business organisation

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Aims and objectives
An aim is a longer term vision or goal of a business, often said to be a target .Aims are what you want to end up at for example your aim might be to go university study accountancy get a job earn lots from the job. An objective is more to the point than aims. Objectives go straight to the point and are usually met in short to medium period of time. Objectives are also the step you take to get to your goal for example you may target to go to university own your own business. but there is step you take to get there for example the smart objective. Specific-you need to be precise what you are going to do.

Measurable-Your achievement should be checked. Keep record of your progress and all the ones you have completed to measure your achievements. Achievable-You know you can get your targets if you work hard to it .You can do well if you expand on what you’re doing. Realistic-your aim should be sensible and be something you know that you can achieve. Time-constrained-You must be cautious of the time you spend. Every business has an aim and an objective without an aim and an objective a business will not prosper.

Boot’s aims and objectives
Boots is a well-known store for Health and Beauty. Boots is the most selling store in the health and beauty market. Boot’s aim is to be a health and beauty place for their customers. To protect their market leadership in the UK and to expand on their brands. Boot’s objective is to be able to provide their customers with all the beauty and drug they need. My opinion

The aims are being met because their goods are reliable and are good.

University of Westminster’s aims and objectives
The University of Westminster is one of London most wanted university’s for student to be accepted in.The University of Westminster is well-known for their students aims being achieved because of their high standard of work given. The aim of the University of Westminster is to transform the student experience of assessment by engaging the students altogether with staff to get a feedback from their learning. The objectives of the University of Westminster is to develop students and get a feedback from their learning also to bring them up in technologies to facilitate that is ordered manageable, efficient and effective. My opinion

The aims for the University of Westminster are suitable for Westminster University because in these time businesses need people like this to be working. I think their aims and objective are being met because everyone that comes from that university has good qualification for whatever job their doing.

Tesco’s aims and objectives

Tesco is one of England top retail store. They sell groceries, electronics, furniture and many more. They are number one retail store in the U.K. Tesco aims and objectives are to maximise sells. To remain number one retail company in the U.K.To outshine the competitors and be leaders and to provide cheap and affordable goods for their customers. Tesco want to be able to keep their carbon emissions down by making new buildings.

Private sector
Government-owned businesses
Public sector
Not-for-profit/Voluntary sector
Example of businesses

Purpose of the businesses

My opinion
These aim and objectives are suitable for Tesco because as we are in the credit crunch we need a store that sell more thing for less of the price. I think this the aims and objective are being met because they are number one in the leader board and their good are cheap.

Why aim are very important in businesses?
Aims are used in businesses as a part of the planning process to help them go up in their business. There is four main concepts that link to aims. There are:
Motivation- Making someone work more. This is important because businesses need something to motivate so the business can move higher in what they are doing. Improve Standards-How to make the business better. This is important in...
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