unit 2 assignment childcare level 3

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Whole resubmission
D1 - Discuss the child’s needs in relation to the selected area of development. The three observations that I carried out shows that . . .
Written Account
The observations show that child A has not developed fully balance and coordination as he got unsteady on the tram-pet, we can help to improve this by putting in place bars to hold on or creating activities around jumping but on a flat, steady surface. Child A showed he was confident when balancing on the balance beam, but he finds it difficult listening to instructions asked of him, and seemed more concerned in other children around him. At the end of the session child A finished with a cool down, when observing it showed that he was able to balance on one leg, but only when holding his arms out, to help improve child A can put his arms to his side for short periods of time. Time Sample

When observing child A struggles to start and stop when riding his bike, this may be because he has not yet fully developed hand eye coordination. But due to child A, being a kinaesthetic learner the more he practices the more he will develop the skills. Also child A showed that he needed extra support when jumping backwards, to help promote this this mini exercisers can be introduced to help. Child A was able to crawl and roll but lack the ability to move at different heights to help this music can be played as part of the tasks relating to different hieght an example may be ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ this also promotes their language and identify their own body. Check-list

Child A when drawing numbers finds it difficult to recognise or visualise each number, this suggests that child A needs more help on understanding the different numbers. We can do this by planning activities to help gain numeracy skills, which are appropriate to the age and stage, and suggest that at home they practise counting and recognising numbers to progress onto the same or a similar level as the expected rate. Child A also showed that he was able to use both hands and equal strength when colouring in and was able to use good hand eye co-ordination, to encourage his to use his leading hand, which was picked up as the right when using a knife and fork, the practitioner could use techniques that stops him from from using his left hand, such as sitting on it or even holding a soft ball. According to Michael Gurian,

"Research shows us that boys' brains are 'wired' in such a way that language is a more difficult skill for them to acquire and use effectively in learning than it is for girls." (Gurian M & Stevens K 2012)

D2 - Explain how the observations can be used to support planning to meet the child’s needs. It is vital to do observations within a childcare setting as it benefits the practitioners, as it provides information and evidence. When doing the observation it is important that the child is engrossed in the activity chosen as it allows the child to act themselves. Observations undertaken in E4 can help a practitioner when planning to meet the children's individual needs, this is due to having accurate information regarding the specific needs of the child. It supports you as you have the knowledge of what the child is capable of and their interests, by knowing this helps to find out the most effective approach to develop and reach their next level of development., this supports the practitioner to make individual plans. Also it support the practitioner that is next to take over as they are recorded in their file, knowing this will help to keep you in the picture when the child is in your care.

For example my written account observation on child A supplied me with evidence that he needed support when undertaking certain physical activities. My Check-list informed me that child A needed extra activities based around catching small objects. Having access to this information then allows the practitioner to notice the child's preferences, for example in an additional...
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