Unit 2 Assignment 2

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Unit 2 Assignment 2
TRACE Analysis
Today I read “TWITTER GOES TO COLLEGE” by Zach Miners. This is about how different professors at different colleges around the country are incorporating the social media site “Twitter” into their classrooms. Essentially “Twitter” uses 140 character maximum blurbs that can be viewed by anyone. This is easy for classrooms to use when they have too many people in the classroom. This allows the students to send in their opinion of the topic without being shut out by someone talking louder than them. It is also helpful for professors who want to keep up to date on topics that have something to do with the class. Though it is helpful, there is also criticism about how it decreases attention span and makes grammar worse, but there are also many benefits, some of which we still have yet to see.

The author takes the side of the implementation of Twitter into the classroom. He sees it as a beneficial tool that can help each and every student, from the person who knows every answer, to the quiet person at the back of the classroom. The author puts in the information about some of the different professors that have implemented Twitter into the classroom and the benefits it has reaped on their classes. The author makes a great move to include the people who have laid down criticism against the use of Twitter. This makes the writer’s argument more valid and makes it sound more professional, as it should.

The writer tells about the benefits of having Twitter in our colleges and how it can benefit the student’s grades. It is also helpful to people who need to keep up to date on current events and to express themselves. Twitter is beneficial to the classroom because it can allow people to speak to one another without needing to actually verbalize. This means that you can have a class discussion without anyone butting in and stopping you from saying what you want to say.
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