unit 2 activity sociology

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Unit 2 Activity

1. Log on to any social networking site, like Facebook, and identify culture. Make a list of the values of that culture. How are they different from or similar to the values discussion from our chapter? Facebook, a social networking site, had norms, languages, gestures, values, behaviors, material objects, and beliefs that any other culture would have. A belief on Facebook is that the more friends, likes, comments, or posts you have, the more popular you are. When and individual “pokes” another, it is a norm for interacting with friends. Facebook creates an online community in which millions of people share the same culture, regardless of their origin or location in the world. Values on Face book include: accomplishments and successes, people post what goals they have accomplished in their everyday lives and what obstacles they have recently overcome; activities of everyday life, which are what people are involved in their personal lives; progress, how people are moving ahead in their lives or how they are assisting others in their progressing; new material objects or possessions, people often want to show off their new toys to impress other viewers; patriotism, showing support for their country and the people fighting for their lives and freedom; individual personality, people tend to want to express themselves and show the world the real “them” on the internet , however, they probably wouldn’t do it elsewhere. These values are different from the ones discussed in this chapter because they deal more with individualism than whole cultures. Facebook users are usually concerned with themselves, how popular they are, or how good they look to others. The other values are more concerned with everyone in society and the well being of each person. They focus on the major aspects of how every individual fits in to society and how it all works together for the good of the society. Facebook focus on the impact of statuses, posts, etc, for an individual to gain popularity. It also wants society to move faster and to try to catch the rest of the world up on technology. Facebook wants its users to be bold, to be open, and to be themselves while online. It wants its users to build an online social status, although they may not have one outside of the internet. Facebook just focuses specifically on the individual, not in society as a whole.

2. How does culture influence sociological theory and study? Sociological theory and study is influenced by culture because society would not exist without culture. Through culture, sociological studies and theories can be created, without a subject to study over, these theories would not exist. Culture consists of the important languages, beliefs, norms, values, material objects, and behaviors that generations pass on continually. Sociologist can study these items to learn more about a culture, and then are able to make predictions and theories about that culture. A sociologist must remember to keep an open mind when studying society, for the culture and background of the individual could affect the ideas and opinions, causing them to be biased. The culture of a certain area is like the glue to society, it hold it together, without culture, society would fall apart. When studying society, cultures have to be recognized, in order to determine if the behavior, values, etc, are just localized or are global. What the culture really is has to be distinguished from what it is expected to be.

3. How might individualism lead to conflict?
Individualism might lead to conflict in several ways. Individuals will have their own opinions and ideas, hence the individual in individualism. These ideas and opinions will most likely be different than the society and culture around them, causing a conflict of man versus man or man versus society. This conflict results in an increased amount of murders, poverty victims, and births outside of marriages. This social behavior causes individuals to...
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