unit 2

Topics: Observation, Developmental psychology, Time Pages: 12 (3759 words) Published: July 10, 2014
Describe the development of children in a selected age range and in two areas of development E1
Age range 1 – birth to 3 years Physical Development
At birth the child will need a lot of care. The child will not be able to do anything for themselves they have primitive reflexes such as sucking. By the time the child is 7 months they will be able to move their head on their own, and have stronger muscles they will be able to sit up without being held. The child might not be able to roll over or sit up from lying down yet. By 1 year the child should have learned to focus their vision, the child should be learning to walk by this age, some children will be able to walk on their own and other children may have to hold on to furniture to keep them stood up. The child would be able to hold things in the hand and pass the object from hand to hand. By 2 years the toddler should be able to follow simple directions. They should be able to balance well and run and jump without falling over. They should be able to sort different objects by shape and colour. They should also be able to copy adult’s actions and express a wide range of emotions. By 3 years the toddler should be able to name different colours. They should have good balance and be able to hop. They should be able to say some words and be able to have a simple conversation. A 3 year old child should find it easy to pedal and steer a tricycle. http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/childdevelopment/positiveparenting/toddlers2.html (2)

Age range 2 birth to 3 years – communication and language
At birth babies are not able to communicate with others through language, however they are communicating through gestures, sounds such as babbling and expressions, for example when they are hungry or the need their nappy changing they will cry and the parents will know what the child needs. By the time the babies are 3 months old they start to imitate the sounds they hear from other people. They will be close to saying words however will not be able to talk. At 6 months old the babies will start to be crying less and start to use their voice more to get attention, they will be starting to make coo sounds and babbling noises.


Describe the development of children in a selected age range, different from E1 and in two areas of development E2
Age range 1 – 3 – 7years’ - communication and language By the time children are 3 years they start to learn to play with other children the same age, part of this is because of their vocabulary, the children start to express themselves more although they will not be fluent in the English language by this time. They will also enjoy singing nursery rhymes a lot. By age 4 children will be very vocal and be able to have simple conversations with other people, although at this age some words could be hard from them to say. They will pick up new words easily when they have heard them. By 5 years the children will be able to have normal conversations with people, and will be learning to read and write, this will be difficult for the children at this stage as they might not be able to understand what they are meant to be reading or writing.

Age range 2 – 3 to 7 years – physical development
Age 4 children should be able to sort objects from smallest to largest in a line. They should be able to recognize some letters if they are taught about them, they might be able to write their own name. The 4 year old should be able to speak complex sentences and have normal conversations with other people. Age 5 children the child will have very good understanding with everyday life. The children will be able to hold a pen correctly when taught. They will want to ask lots of questions as they are very curious about different things. The child will be very active and want to run around a lot. The parent might notice that the child is become aware of what sex they are and might only want to...
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