Unit 19

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Quantitative marketing research Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Unit 10 Introduction to marketing research

D1-Evaluate the market research method used by Coke Zone.

Is the use of research effective, modern, costly, tailored to the needs of the business?

The choice of market research that Coke Zone has chosen is a good way of approaching their needs. Having the survey online and actually integrated within their site means not having to pay large fees to survey companies that charge to get results for a company’s survey. It is effective because the survey is there to be taken after the user has finished with the site giving more accurate results than someone who has just filled the survey out without experiencing the “Coke Zone”. Also, the survey is there at the time and give the incentive for the customer to quickly leave feedback on what they thought was good, what could be improved and other tips. The online way of doing the survey is definitely modern as the number of people logging onto the web is increasing every day. The survey created is tailored exactly to Coke Zone’s needs as they address a lot of valuable topics such as; the process of getting the code from the actual Coke bottle, how easy it is to navigate the site and if the colour scheme and animations go well. All of this is vitally important information as if the consumers can’t get around their website and if the code is too hard to read from the bottle they will more than likely not return.

Should Coke Zone continue this form of market research or should it find a new method instead?

Coke Zone should definitely look to continue this form of market research. It is modern, with the times and, other than technical costs, it is cheaper than other methods of market research. Doing the old format of printed surveys on the street is costly, takes time and requires more staff to be used up on a working day.

That said, they could still do other types of market research. Maybe go to super markets and take a quantitative survey of how many people take...
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