Unit 18 Working with Babies 12-18months

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Unit 18
Environmental factors such as not having enough space in the garden for the baby to play and explore will influence their development as they may not be able to expand their gross and fine motor skills. Parents may not have enough money to fund for toys and equipment for the baby, which means they will not experience different experiences.
Illnesses such as meningitis can cause epilepsy and hearing problems, whilst asthma is long term and the baby may need to have asthma pumps. The baby may have a poor appetite, constipation and may be feeling miserable, when they are ill. Their weight and height may be below average, if they have not been developing correctly due to illness.
Antenatal factors also influence the development of the baby, as during the pregnancy the mother may have taken illegal drugs or alcohol. This can cause the baby to develop an addiction; due to this they will have to be weaned off of it. Infections can also pass through the umbilical cord such as rubella, which can leave the baby deaf or blind when born.
When the baby is being delivered, there may be complications which can affect the baby's health such as lack of oxygen. This can be caused by the umbilical cord becoming entangled. As a result of this, the baby can be left with permanent brain damage. Using analgesic drugs during labour is also a risk.

A safe environment for children under 12 months is essential as they cannot defend themselves or look after themselves, they are dependent on others looking after them and keeping them safe.
Creating a safe environment involves making sure the children are supervised at all times particularly at meal times so that if a child chokes there is an adult around to help them. Adult: Child ratio for up to 6week babies is 1:3 and 6weeks – 18 months 1:4. Ratios are stated under Ofsted and the EYFS to make sure the children have the right amount of care attention they need. Baby gates, secure exits and registrations

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