unit 15 p2

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Unit 15 P2
In this assignment I will be providing a list of possible careers I would like to follow, a career development plan and where I would like to see myself in 2-5 years. Market researcher
Market researchers have a number of jobs they are required to perform some of the main ones are to investigate the chosen markets activity like seeing what competitors are doing, assessing future trends, commissioning surveys for the business costumers and co-ordination research projects whether it be inter or external

HR Manager
As a human resource manager the purpose of the job role is to make the business employs the right people for the right job. Also when staff are hired the human resource manager are require to make sure staff are fully trained, performing to the company standards and working in a way where they are not in danger of affecting any employment laws. Making sure staffs is happy within a business are crucial as if staff are not happy they will not work to a good standard.

Business teacher
As a business teacher the purpose for this role is do guide students and develop their skills in business. The job role requires going through units on exam board and preparing students for an exam or employment. Some activities require you to deliver planned lesson cover all the topics and support the students.

Business analyst
A Business Analysis in the early stages of the Change process is always ensuring that all changes in a business are found and looked at and produce a report to a high quality, associated with the client business and IT strategy, and contributing to the businesses analysis standards

Financial service administrator
Financial services workers offer their fiscal advice and knowledge to help their customers. Industries inside this business are Insurance companies, Broking firms, Commercial and Investment banks, Independent financial advisors, among others. Perform an essential public service by offering private and corporate...
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