Unit 15 Managing Business Activities

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Assignment 1Unit 15
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Assignment 1
Throughout this report the organisation that will be discussed is Unipres UK limited (UPUK). This company produces press formed automotive car components through the use of cutting edge press technology in order to achieve light weight components whilst also retaining the solidness and integrity. The main customer for UPUK is Nissan motor group, in fact 98% of UPUK’s production is ordered by Nissan. “Perfecting Machine Press Technologies: Going a Step Beyond” (UPUK, Mission Statement, 2001). Different outcomes will be covered during this investigative report, these are: LO1 Understand the importance of business processes in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives. LO2 Be able to develop plans for own area of responsibility to implement operational plans. LO3 Be able to monitor appropriate systems to improve organisational performance. 1A

Processes are used every day in business all over the world as a tool which sequentially helps to reach aims and/or goals. A business process can be describe as an activity, for example, in order for a customer of Nissan to go and purchase a new car, background processes have been working hand in hand in order for the car to be ready for the customer at a specific time. Carrying on with the example, a sequence of processes made the car available for the customer, such as: Material ordered in.

Material blanked out by means of a blanking press.
Moulded into car parts by stamping presses.
Car parts assembled on a rolling line.
Interior is fitted by another department.
Car is painted.
Quality inspects.
Car is drove off line, into selling shop.
As you can see from the processes above, the overall goal is achieved through several different steps. These steps can also be called activities, and the activities from this particular organisation have to be accomplished in a predetermined order. Advantages:

Goals reached using processes are achieved quicker.
Viewing systems from various angles.
Goals are often managed better.
An organised, sequential order can help achieve overall goal more efficiently. Discovering errors earlier.
If Nissan made a car without the use of processes, the overall goal would take a lot longer to achieve and may not obtain the same quality as it would using processes. At Unipres, a system is used to manage the use of processes; this is called business process management (BPM). The system is a methodical approach which is used in order to make the company’s workflow more efficient, more effective and more open to adapting to the ever changing automotive market. “The goal of BPM is to reduce human error and miscommunication and focus stakeholders on the requirements of their roles” (Tech Target, BPM, 2008).BPM is adopted not just by Unipres, but organisations worldwide in order to maintain and manage processes, preventing the breakdown of communication in a company and also cutting out the chance or risk of human error. Unipres UK, based in Washington, Sunderland placed specialised CCTV systems throughout their presses, in order to monitor and maintain the quality of the components produced, reducing the chance of operator error. The cameras were placed at each stage of the stamping process, scanning the part as it was transferred through the production cycle, scanning and confirming material thickness, hole size, surface heat and quality, meaning that at the final stage when the component was transferred into a storage container, the quality was more guaranteed than it would have been had an operator carried out the quality checks. When a company decides on what processes are needed to achieve an overall mission, aim, or goal, they evaluate the suitability of each process, measuring interrelationship and effectiveness. Process formulation

Process implementation
Process evaluation

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