Unit 13 Recruitment and Selection P1

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Recruitment Planning
Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment is the process you go through for hiring a member of staff that you need to cover the skills gap you need. Selection is when you complete certain steps in finding the right candidate for the job and you select the right one. The main reasons why companies recruit is to cover a skills shortage that they require in their business or if someone is leaving to go and work for another organisation, therefore the position needs to be filled. A person being recruited for a vacancy may be need on a temporary or permanent basis depending on how that the employee is needed for. The may be needed full time or part time this all depends on how many hours they will be needed each week. Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment means that the person recruited to do the job will be taken from inside the organisation. This type of recruitment will give current employees the chance for promotion or additional responsibility. External Recruitment

External recruitment is the process of recruiting from outside the organisation. There are a number of different ways that this can be done: * The organisation recruiting themselves
Or through:
* Job centres
* Consultant
* Recruitment agencies

Employment agencies provide employers with details about potential applicants. They are often provided staff on a temporary or permanent basis. This means that an employer may have the chance to see how the employee is likely to work out by putting them on a short term contract. This is a cost-effective option for employers, particularly if their business changes rapidly and they may not need to keep staff permanently. On the other hand you still have to pay the agent and the new employee, adding to the costs.

When a business decides to recruit a member of staff they need to consider where they want to advertise, such as locally or national. This will all depend on the scale of the business and location. If the...
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