unit 13 m2

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(Completion of this task will provide evidence for M2: Analyse your contribution to the selection process in a given situation)

In order to meet the grading criteria for M2 you are required to analyse the contribution you have made to the selection process for your chosen vacancy. Analyse means that they must not simply describe what you did but also explain how and why it helped the selection process.

Explain how you contributed to each stage – individually or in your groups How did this help your understanding of each stage?
Was anything you did/said helpful/unhelpful?
a) Documents used
b) Shortlisting activity
a. In the short listing stage a shortlisting form is used to determine which candidates precede to the next stage of selection and recruitment. I contributed to this stage by designing the shortlisting form. b. In my short listing form I used a table which allowed me to assess whether the candidate met our essential criteria to invite into an interview. For example if a candidate met 2 or more of the essential criteria, it meant that they would proceed to the interview stage, however if they didn’t it would mean that they were not suitable for the role. Creating and using the short listing form has allowed to see the importance of having a criteria in order to effectively assess candidates. I now understand that without the short listing form I might have made ineffective and biased decisions about the candidate.

During this task I did the selection task alone. This meant that there was room for baised decisions while completing the short listing form. To improve I will need to have several team members fill a short listing form for each applicant. Something that I did which was helpful that I did the short listing as soon as I received each applications and this allowed me to save time and not have a huge build-up of application forms. PRE-INTERVIEW STAGE

a) Preparing interview questions

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