Unit 13 M1

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Job Advert
| Description |
Company name/logo| This the name of the company you are applying for | Job title | The specific name of the job you are applying for | Date of issue | The date that the job has become available | Job reference | |

Location| The location of the branch you are applying at| Salary| the amount of money you will get paid at the end of the month | Hours, Days, Times | The times you will be working.|
Job role| The role you will be doing when you get the job| Contract| the contract you will need to sign when you get the job, this will have all the key information | Holiday entitlement | The holidays you will entitle to have when you are working| Duties| The things you need to do that has the criteria of the job role | Closing date| The date that you cannot apply for the job anymore| How to apply| How to apply for your job|

The purpose of a Job Advert is that it’s for the employer attract the right employee to their company, they will need to identify the perfect employee that matches that job criteria. In the employees point of view it will give them an opportunity to get a new job at a bigger business.

Internally, a job interview will be as an email to everyone who lives in the area where that specific branch is, they could send an email to everyone and if the person who received the email is interested by the job advert, they could send an email back to the employer with their CV attached to the email. Externally, a place where a job advert could be seen is maybe a poster on the street and it will have all the details on it and if the individual is interested they will contact the employer and arrange an interview. The relevance of a job interview in a candidate’s point of view is that they will have the opportunity to apply for this job that is needed from the company but, they only have a certain amount of time, if a candidate applies for the job after the closing date, the company will...
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