unit 12 public health p1 and p2

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Meaning of Public Health:
Public health is concerned with improving the health of population, rather than treating the diseases of individual patients. If a condition has been discovered -they want to make sure they live longer by promoting and preventing diseases and complications. Public health is everyone around you and the involvement of the community. If public health is really effective then it will also help the NHS save money.

Monitoring the health status of the community:
When we are monitoring the health status of the community we are trying to identify and solve the certain problems of the community. We will be looking for the trends and patterns which will then be compared to other communities. This will help us to see if any changes have been made. Some of the conditions that may be monitored are diabetes, obesity and breast cancer. Some of the ethnic groups are at more risks of developing diabetes such as Asians and Black African. Monitoring the health status of the community is when we are tracking down the changes in the health of the community and notifying people to their potential problems they may come across. When we are monitoring the health status of the community the data is collected geographically this is because we are looking at a particular area so we can compare the results of one area to another area. The types of information that may be collected are age groups, backgrounds and medical history. This type of information will be held at your local G.P. or hospitals which will help to get a holistic view of health in the UK. When we are monitoring the health status of the community we are trying to improve whether we may need to put in more services and whether we need provide more information for the community to get hold of. The health needs of the community are monitored by a number of people in the UK such as doctors, nurses, district nurse, health visitors, epidemiologists and many more.

Identifying the health needs of the population:
Identifying the health needs of the population is really important to identify the trends and patterns this is because once the trends and patterns are established; implications for service users and the population can be identified. Identifying the population’s needs takes a big part towards the contribution of evidence. Once evidence has been found improvements towards the patient’s outcomes can be made and what needs to be done next. Identifying the needs of the population helps to improve and develop communication with the population. An example of this in relation to obesity is assessing other condition such as diabetes that is likely increase support service for this condition will be available.

Developing programmes to reduce risk and screen for early disease: Developing programmes to reduce risks and screen for early disease is all about the attempt to decrease ill health and most common conditions, this is done by introducing programmes which identify people who are in danger of a conditions, this will help to engage them to do something about it and to go to preventative programmes. An example of this is that a doctor recognises that a service user or an individual is at risk of developing diabetes due to their obesity, the doctor will then refer the patient to a weight management programme which will give the patient support in losing weight. Screening is a procedure to identify the risk of a disease or a condition. This can be done before they are experiencing any symptoms or knowing that they are at risk. The screening programme for breast cancer is a mammogram, a mammogram is an x-ray of the breast and is used to screen for breast cancer. Each breast is placed between two small flat plates of the x-ray machine. In order to take a clear a picture of the breast the plates press the breast firmly between them for a few moments. The range of people in the population that are offered mammograms free of charge by the...
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