Unit 12

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In this assignment I will be surveying the site nielson-netratings.com and draft a short report for the business on the kind of data that this service can provide. I will then carry out a research to discover a full range of prices and product comparisons for laser printers suitable for a business use, explaining how I searched for it. I will then prepare a presentation that describes the kinds of actions that various organisations take to reduce security risks from operating online. I will then explain the competitivepressures on selected contrasting businesses organisations to develop their use of e-business. I will then take two contrasting businesses and explain using examples, how they have responded to competitive forces to develop their use of e-business. I will then be evaluating how successful a particular business organisation has been preparing for the growing use of e-business. I will finally prepare an outline personal development plan for sales staff that is unfamiliar with internet business. P3 (1): Visit www.nielsen-netratings.com and look for the “solutions by country” panel on the left for the homes page. Survey the site and draft a short report for the business on the kind of data that this service can bring. To: Lillian Julius

From: Claudia Tran
Title:How Nielsen net-ratingshelp business to use the internet to perform better. Introduction
Since the business is currently facing a downturn in their business, due to the economy and the recession lately, I have suggested that the business should think about turning their business to the internet, which may help them to perform better. The report would show the benefits of using the internet and how it can help any business perform better. Body

Nielson online is an online analytical website that allows businesses to access the correct information in order to help them to keep their competitive edge over their other competitors. Nielson online can provide businesses with legal data to help businesses make many business decisions they work enthusiastically in order to provide the company with the information that they need and deliver it promptly to the company as well. Their researches are based on updated information from the Nielsen databases, their data are all founded from national and international sources, they also offer businesses with demographic data and personal behavioural demographics as well, and they also provide information on consumer attitudes and results from online surveys as well.The intention of the website is to be able to help businesses come up with a plan in which can be benefitted in the long run. Conclusion

To conclude the website that Nielsen provides can help the business figure out what their next step in business is and if they are able to appeal to the right target market in order for them to succeed in the e-business world. P3(2):Carry out a research engine such as www.google.co.uk. Discover a full range of pricesand product comparisons for laser printers suitable for business use. Create a written summary for the business explaining how you searched for the information.

There are many reasons that the prices of the laser printers differ from each other, this is because for each laser printer above, they each have different features, components, and they are also from different companies as well. The more components and features that the printer has the more expensive they will be. There are many ways in which you are able to search for products online at ease, the way I searched for these price comparisons of laser printers was that I used Google search so I go on the web browser (either Firefox, internet explorer, Google chrome etc.) and in the search bar type in “price comparisons of laser printers” then what I did was that I clicked on the fifth link that was available on the page, due to the fact that I believe that the first few links may not have as much information as you would need, after...

Bibliography: Goymer, John. "Unit 33: The Impact Of Communications Technology On Business." BTEC Level 3 Business. London: Edexcel, 2010. 424-33. Print.
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