Unit 11 - Working in Health and Social Care

Topics: Ethics, Question, Interview Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: June 19, 2013
For my unit 11 coursework I was required to produce a letter to inform the job of my interest that I was hoping to interview them and to ask for their consent to participate in my interview giving them the choice to take part or not. A consent letter was placed at the bottom of this letter to allow them to tick the answer of their choice. My chosen participant was a midwife in whom I chose to interview because this is the job that I hope to do in my future and I figured it would be interesting to find out more about the job they do. I have recently done a lot of research about this job and have already gained some knowledge of what it is like for a midwife and the job they do.

Within my interview I figured I was going to need as much information as I possibly could, hence the reason I used 41 relevant questions. I found that all of my questions worked well in my favour as I found out all that I needed to know from the midwife I interviewed. During the interview I found on some questions I needed extra room to write down what my interviewee was telling me as this must have been a very detailed subject within that job/task. Throughout my interview I used a wide range of question types; however, I particularly used open questions as I found that this gained me the most information and allowed the interviewee to explain what she had been asked in her own words/opinion. I used 13 open questions to help me gain the information I received from my interviewee. For the closed questions in my interview, those which have a basic answer of 'yes' or 'no', I figured were not the most reliable questions, and therefore the reason I only used a small amount of 7 closed questions, as this only allows the interviewee to state a very basic answer, not being able to explain any feelings which was mainly the reason I used open questions to allow the participant to express their own personal feelings about a certain subject within their job. Some questions I joined some questions...
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