Unit 10 P1

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Personal Selling

Sales staff can work in many different businesses , they can work in the high street , they can sell cars , clothes , electronics they can also work in call centres and try sell over the phone , you also get some sales staff who work from door to door and do door to door sales.

Sales staff is an important roll in all organisations, they are the face to the customers they are what drags the customer in and talk them into buying something they are trying to sell, the more sales staff sell the more revenue and profit the company are going to have, that is why it is important for companies to have good sales staff because it makes a impact on the company, this is why some companies try get the best sales staff as possible and they will pay them good money as well.

When selling goods sales staff need to know what there talking about , they need to know the product well and what to show off about it and what not to tell the customers about if that product has cons with it.

When selling services the sales staff will need to understand what they are selling , which service there using and why , the good things about that service e.g. a travel agent will say where there going to , the area , the flights , the food everything about the holiday.

The sales staff will not only have to know there product there selling well they will also need to know there company well and how it works , they will need to know the pros with there company and why it is better then rival companies and they will also need to know the reputation of the company and the previous feedback which the company has had , a good sales staff will relate the product with the customer and how it will help them specifically and how it will be use in there favour. A good sales staff build up there own personal relationship with the customer, they will find out what there customer wants and there requirements , some customers will have expectations and know what they want ,...
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