Unit 1 - Introductiong to Working with Chidren

Topics: Children Act 1989, Contact, Residence in English family law Pages: 5 (1610 words) Published: April 23, 2013
E1 Describe three different types of setting which provide care and education for children in your area. This must include one example from the list: statutory sector, voluntary sector and private sector. There are many different types of settings which provide care and education for children in my area. The statutory sector involves all the organisations that are set up, controlled and funded by the government or local authority for example: St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School. This type of sector is funded by people who pay tax or national insurance. ‘’A statutory service is one that is provided by government after a law (or statute) has been passed by parliament. Such law says that either: a service must be provided (i.e. there is a duty to provide it)... or a service can be provided (i.e. there is a power to provide it if an authority chooses)...’’ (Thornes 2008 pg2) Another type of setting which provides care and education for children in my area is sure start children’s centre. This is a voluntary sector and they are run by organizations. This type of sector is not designed to make a profit. ‘’Money for voluntary organisations comes from a variety of sources that include donations, fund-raising, grants from central or local government, lottery grants and fees for the services they provide.’’ (Thornes 2008 pg4) St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School is a statutory sector that aims to support children and their families by involving parents fully in their children’s learning. It also aims to supports them by providing the best education they can for every child with the teachers input. The private sector is owned by an individual or company and aim to make a profit which people will pay for their child to attend such as: Burnham Montessori School.


E3 Describe the main legislation in your country that supports the rights of children. There are many legislations that are concerning the rights of children. The first legislation is Children Act 1989 and it helps support the rights of children by protecting them in every environment with the guidance of the service. This legislation statues in the principle that children are to be protected from abuse, neglect and explanation, the well-being of the child is paramount, cared and looked after by heir families, if needed support they are look after properly, cultures, religions and family life should be respected and practitioners should be working with parents of the child at every stage to meet the child’s needs in a number of ways. The second legislation is Childrens Act 2004. This legislation helps support the rights of children by ‘’integrated services for children in outcomes of Every Child Matters legislation for every child.’’ (Thornes 2008 pg 19)


E5 Explain the importance of valuing and respecting all children in the setting. In each child care setting it is important to value and respect all children. By respecting a child it allows them the space they need for their needs to be met which gives them the chance to make their own choices about things such as what colour pencil to use. ‘’It is a child’s right under 1989 child act to have all his or her needs met, regardless of their age, race, sex, disability or religion.’’ (Malik 1998 pg 1) This can also be done by not showing favouritism, but realizing that each individual child has their weaknesses and strengths for example: some need more attention than others to understand certain concepts.

E6 Describe three professional skills that support your work with children. Having good timekeeping and attendance is a professional skill that will support my work with children because it shows that I am responsible, keen and ready to work with the children. It will also allow me some time to...

Bibliography: * Hannah Mortimer, 2000, author of various early years’ books and education psychologist
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