Unit 1 Exercise 1

Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: January 26, 2015
IP addressing Scenario
With a newly founded company that has approximately 145 hosts that must be connected to a network or networks you would want to consider some things that will benefit the company and the users of the hosts. Since this is to be commercial type business the subnet ranges that should be used are to, where the numbers in the second through fourth octet would be 0 to 255.

This is the kind of company that should have their addresses assigned dynamically only because there are 145 hosts which range from computers to printers and it would be easier if each time the user is to log on they could just have a new address assigned to them. This would help make things easier when trying to connect one printer to a computer that is on the network. When looking at the overall number of hosts that this one company has it would be a lot easier if 2 networks were made for this one company. It would be hard having 145 hosts connected to one network.

If two networks were created then overall number of hosts can be divided to make it easier when trying to connect things like scanners or printers to specific computers. With the two networks it would make the network work more effectively and the overall speed of the network would stay at a constant processing rate. Then with having two networks it would help decrease any security issues.

The main accommodation that I saw necessary for this kind of company was security. Since there are 145 hosts and there will be 2 networks each user should have a username and password that meets the specific requirements. With the security a host can only be receive access to the network if they were assigned to that specific network and if they have a valid username and password. Also, for security purposes a guest profile will be made so that anyone that is not on any specific network can access the network with only limited access.

In order to make this company’s networking needs easier...
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