Unit 1 Essay

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Kevin Pineda
Mr. Booker
Unit 1 Essay

Unit 1 Essay
The Author, Julie Alvarez, also the main Character in the story, is trying to explain how hard and difficult it is to learn and adjust to a new language which is English. For example my, when he was a citizen from t Mexico, he tried to learn Americas Culture but in order for him to do that he had to work twice as hard to pass a citizens test and even more as a new comer in the United States. Which meant a lot of sacrifices. As a father he became a great person now today and showed his willingness for his new country just like how Julie wants to show what she went through as a person learning a new culture.

When Julie hears her parents talk in English it upsets he, the reasoning being is that her parents would talk in English just so that she wouldn’t understand what their saying which made her angry and anxious by the look on their face. Which made her want to learn English. She was trying to express that there are many ways for people to motivate themselves is through hard life expirnces. She went to a school that her just enrolled in the Dominican Republic called the Carol Morgan School which helped her many ways including the American customs. For Julie English would it was embarrassing when all the kids in her new school would laugh at her all the time. What she is also trying to say is, imagine yourself learning a Chinese or French for example, and you made a mistake or a grammatical error, how would you feel?
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