Unit 1 Effective Communication

Topics: Communication, Metacommunicative competence, Rhetoric Pages: 28 (2686 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Health and Social
Care Level 3
Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma

Unit 1
Developing Effective Communication in Health
and Social Care

Communication between colleagues
One-to-one communication
Group communication
Formal communication

Assignment Brief

Read through the instructions to learners.

Highlight information which you did not know previously.

How will this information affect you and the way you work?

Hint – look at the information about assessment. This is different to how Btec has worked previously.

What skills are you going to need to ensure your work is handed in promptly? Remember if you do not hand your work in on time, you will not have the opportunity to re-submit it.

Task A

Read the first task.

Mr Ghag will inform you of the deadline date upon his return

Make sure you are aware of what information is required in each section.

Types of Interpersonal Interaction

Mirroring or Reflective Listening

Complete the task at the beginning of the worksheet.

On lined paper complete the table. Remember to put the date at the top of your page.

In pairs complete the questions at the bottom of the task.

On your lined paper, make notes using the following sub headlings


One-to-one communication


Group communication


Informal communication

Use the text book p4 onwards. Do not copy. Put it


Formal communication

in your own words


Communication between colleagues

REFLECT – P4 look at the box in grey and answer it with a

Assessing your own skills

Complete the worksheet in groups of 3. Fill in the worksheet with as much detail as possible.


At the back of you’re assignment brief there is a reading list that helps support your work on this unit. Please can you all access via Nuneaton Library or the school library a minimum of one of the texts and research communication in health care settings.

Have fun visiting your local library.

Types of
Task A3

Previous Homework
All of you should have handed in a paper copy of Task A1 and A2 You should have all visited your local library. Have you???? You should all have an ongoing Bibliography for this unit

Health and Social Care Text Book

New text books are on order

While we are waiting for them did you know that you can access the text book on the internet?

Go to google

Type in the unit title “Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care”


[PDF]BTEC Level 3 National Health and Social Care - Student ...



Unit 1 Developing effective communication in health and social care. How you will be assessed. You will need to produce written evidence of examples of the ...

Preparation for Task A3

Keep a log of all the resources
you use for your research to
add to your bibliography. If
you take a quote you will have
to reference it in the text.

Read the task and look through the unit content to cover-

Look at p9-13

In pairs, look at the Case Study on P14. Answer questions 1-3

You have completed the worksheet AS3 ‘Non-verbal communication: Personal Space. Look at the stretch exercise at the bottom. Research and make notes on the following;

Edward Hall http://

OR just type in Edward Hall (1966) Personal Space into google which is what I did and found loads

Fisher and Byrne

Read Task A3 carefully.
Complete the task. Remember to use your notes and any research you may have done. Keep a bibliography for all of Task A and keep adding to it.

Types of
now you

should have

Bibliography: OR just type in Edward Hall (1966) Personal Space into google which is what I did and
found loads
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