Unit 1 Communication P1, P2, M1

Topics: Communication, Communication theory, Metacommunicative competence Pages: 6 (2670 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Unit: Unit 1 Developing effective communication in health and social care. Task: 1

In this essay I will be explaining how I use good communication and interpersonal interactions with the residents I will meet on my work experience at a residential home for older people. I will be explaining the skills and strategies I will use to make communication making sure it is effective. My essay will talk about different types of communication for example one to one, with different types of people, including professionals and service users. I will use communication with a variety of people and consider the most appropriate form of communication to be applied making sure the needs of all individuals are met. I will also explain and discuss Argyle’s communication cycle and Tuchman’s group process theory and apply these to my essay in relation to effective communication. My essay will also include an assessment of the skills and strategies used in communication and how they relate to the different theories. Communication is when you swap over information by speaking, writing, or using other methods making sure the communication is received and understood. Interpersonal interaction or communication is the process of sending and receiving information between people, using a two way process of communication. The ways individuals communicate with others depend on the situation or the context you are in. There are many types of communication; there is spoken communication like one to one and oral communication with groups of people which is also known as interpersonal interaction. However communicating isn’t always spoken, many people communicate by unspoken communication using facial expressions or sign language. Email, texting and writing are also forms of communication. The formality of our communication can change depending on the context of it. For instance, if you are talking to your friends it will be informal and you will probably use slang. However when talking to a professional like a GP you might talk in your own dialect and it can be informal but the GP is more likely to respond formally, they may also talk in Jargon. When communicating it needs to be effective, effective communication means that when communication we make sure the person can understand and receive the information we are giving. We need to also make sure it is appropriate and clear, communication must achieve an understanding and meet the service users needs otherwise it has no purpose. This relates to Argyles communication cycle. Argyle said that effective communication is a two way process, to make the communication effective the person you are communicating with needs to be able to understand the message and decoded it. If the individual cannot do this the communication is not effective. Communication needs to be clear and formal without using slang or jargon, this will enable the receiver to understand the information and then the message is understood and the cycle can continue. Argyle argued that communication was a two way process and it is a cycle because when two people are communication they need to be able to understand what is being said otherwise the communication is not effective and has no point. Argyles cycle has 6 stages, the first stage is idea; you have an idea in your head that you would like to communicate with other people. The second stage is coding where you think through what you are going to say and make it understandable to the receiver. The third stage is sending the message, you communicate with the receiver either by speaking, writing or in another way. The fourth stage is receiving; the other person receives your message and hears or sees what you say. The fifth stage is when the message is decoded, this is when the person decodes your message and understands what you say. At this point in the cycle if the person cannot understand the message then the cycle stops the communication is not effective. For example when on...
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