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P1.Identify the purpose of
Different business organisations

NHS was launched in 1948 to give residents of England health care such as surgery, treat coughs and colds and to provide end of life care. The NHS till today still provides a free health service for the UK residents. The NHS covers over 62 million peoples health in the UK this shows us that the NHS is an important part of the UK, there are 103,912 hospital and community health services in the UK. NHS are a large organisation and have to deal with a lot of people this mean that they have to employ a lot of skilled works ,NHS currently have 1.4 million people employed. NHS provide a healthcare service to people who are ill and need care also they sell products to people such as glasses, hearing aids, dentures and also medication. NHS is a public company which does not aim to make profit .the purpose of the NHS is to provide a free health service to the UK and keep diseases and illnesses away too make the UK safer, health wise.Nhs is funded through national insurances fee paid by UK residents that’s work. The NHS started in England and then expanded the size of the organisation providing their services to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Daily News

Tesco was founded in 1919 by a man called Jack Cohen; he started the Tesco from a market stall in London’s east end and since then has grown and expanded to a global organisation which is known worldwide. Tesco’s sell a number of products the public such as food clothes and petrol. They also sell services such as car insurance and car wash.

Tesco a private company and one of their objectives are to make profit. The purpose of Tesco is to sell products and services to the public to satisfy their needs and wants.
Tesco have 5 main investors which have invested into Tesco and made it larger and more global company. Tesco are a private limited company owned by shareholders who fund the company...
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