Unit 1 Assignment 1

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Stephanie Smith
Unit 1 Assignment 1
Chapter review Questions Pg. 29English 1420

1. What did you think of when you encountered the word argument as you began to read this chapter? What do you think now? -When I see the word argument I think of two people arguing back and forth due to a disagreement out of anger and frustration. But in reality an argument is dealing with an issue or making a point.

2. Provide three examples of your own to illustrate the statement “Argument is everywhere” One of your examples should be a visual argument.
-Arguing to prove a point such as a debate in a courtroom or to win a vote. -Day to Day arguing such as a disagreement with a spouse or friend to prove a point in the midst of confrontation. -Photo to promote the end of world hunger.

3. Traditional Argument- Arguing to prove a point or to persuade someone such as in a courtroom or to win a vote. -When a person believes something and they argue a point to try to make a large audience believe the same thing as they do. Consensual Argument- To discover new knowledge from reading, writing, and discussion. -Employ argument to reach a conclusion or negotiation.

4. What are some of the conditions necessary for argument to work best? -If you are knowledgeable about something and are trying to teach someone about what you know to make them believe it and understand it as well.

5. What are some of the conditions that may cause argument to fail? -If someone is stubborn and already has their mind made up about what they believe to be true.

6. Give two examples of an ethical argument and two examples of an unethical argument. ETHICAL
-An argument to get people on board to rebuild homes after a natural disaster. -An argument to get people to collect pop tabs so the money could be donated to help children in school. UNETHICAL
-Invitation to take out a loan with extremely high interest rates that will be almost impossible to pay back.

7. How has the...
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