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Unit 1. Assignment 1 NT1310

By Wilfredo18 May 02, 2014 373 Words
Unit 1. Assignment 1

Cell phones network technology uses data to send and receive phone calls, web browsing, file transfers, etc. The first cell phones include analog technology. Cell phones need more advanced protocols. The 2G telephones have can transmit and receive voice and data. •Landline Phones can use either network. If your 'phone uses the circuit switched network if it has high quality and high reliability. If not, you have an IP telephone using the packet switched network bad quality, drops, noise, unreliability ... but makes more money to the telephone companies. •SMS/ Text do not use data. However, cellular data must be turned on to transmit and receive photos as a text. The SMS was created during late 1980s to work with a digital technology called (global system for mobile communications) or GSM, which is the basis for most modern cell phones. •Fax Machines natural Data’s Digital Fax Service works similarly to Voice over IP services. If not a dedicated analog fax line, you can plug your fax to a Fax Terminal Adapter. If a fax is sent, the fax converts to digitized and packaged in reliable secure TCP packets and sent to Natural Data Inc. secure Network Operations Centre for final delivery to its destination. •Pagers can have one or more transmitters. Pagers are data communications for announcing vice messages, or displaying a message. •VOIP uses data and voice communications. Data is the one most commonly used. VoIP data is changed from an analog signal to a digital signal. •Skype/ FaceTime use data. FaceTime or Skype calls travel over the Internet in much the same way as e-mail, instant messages, web browsing, or other forms of data. Skype is different from other (Voice over Internet Protocol) or VoIP providers because it is a peer-to-peer service. Meaning that the program distributes the running workload across Skype users' via background processing, instead of running off a regular server.

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