unit 1 an introduction to working with children

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Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children
Section 4 –
D5&B1- It is important to phone the placement and check where the placement is and ask for directions if you are not sure, so that you will not get lost and be late to placement, which means also checking what time you have to arrive to placement because parents also make judgements on observations they make briefly, good first impressions reassure them. Also even arrange a pre-visit so then you will know where the placement is ready for whenever you start and discuss the things you need to know. Checking the dress code is very important because you will need to look presentable and be identified as a student and not a staff member. Also checking what equipment you need to bring with you to placement is important so you can carry on with what your expected to do and so that you are organised, also so that you are respected as an individual that cares, hardworking, so may be given extra responsibilities which leads to greater learning and enjoyment in placement. It’s very important you ask who you go to for advice/per-diaries so that you feel confident you can speak to someone when you feel the need to, and get your per-diaries filled out when due to. Plus you will need to find out the policies and procedures, this is very important so that you keep to your boundaries of what you can and can’t do, and anything that is expected of you like safeguarding which should always be taken into consideration if there was a situation occurring. Another one you will need to talk about is confidentiality procedures, so you complete observations correctly without going past your limits and getting yourself or the college or even the placement in trouble because something had been leaked out. An important thing to know would be your role in the placement so when you come into placement you will know what you will be doing so you can complete this role and have all the correct equipment. Checking if there are any...
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