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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Childcare Act 2006, Early Years Foundation Stage Pages: 4 (1517 words) Published: July 4, 2014
Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that support children and young people’s health and safety 1.1
Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services: All staff has a duty of care for children and each other within the setting. It is important that everybody is aware of government legislation regarding the schools Health and Safety policy in regards to potential risks and hazards and what should happen if an incident occurs. As health and safety is primarily common sense it becomes second nature when working with children to abide by the Health and Safety policy. When working within a school staff should always make sure that areas are fit to purpose prior to any learning or play activities this could mean doing a risk assessment to ensure areas are safe and free from any potential risks. If a risk is spotted it should be reported immediately or logged for attention. The factors to take into account are:

Every child is an individual and progresses at different rates and each child has different needs which depend on their age and ability. When we plan activities we should think about ways in which way we can keep all children active and the layout of the room and the needs of the child if you have a baby in the room you would not allow toddlers to be running round. Also if children wanted to ride bikes this should be done outside with more space and under supervision. Some children may have more specific needs than other children if they are have a sensory impairment provisions should be put in place so the child will enjoy mainstream school as much as the next child. An adult could also have specific needs where a risk assessment may need to be done at some time like if the person is pregnant or impaired in some way. Individual support may be offered to families/carers that have different needs to others. When working with children we should always be aware of our...
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