unit 011 childcare level 2

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Outcome 1
What is a positive environment indoors and outdoors?
It’s comfortable, interesting, attractive and appropriate for the child or children who use it. For some children it becomes like a second home where they eat and sometimes sleep. A suitable environment for a young baby will be very different from a suitable environment for a four or five year old although some features will be the same.  Environments should be attractive and make children feel safe and secure and happy to be there and they should also be places where children can confidently play and learn. Research framework that supports a positive environment for children At the heart of this framework is an approach which recognises the right of all young children to high quality relationships, environments and services which offer a holistic approach to meeting their needs. Such needs should be interpreted broadly and encompass play, learning, social relationships and emotional and physical wellbeing. This approach is important for all children but is of particular benefit in offering effective support to those children and families requiring higher levels of support.

Early intervention has relevance to a wide range of social policy but it is particularly relevant in early years, which will often be the earliest and best opportunity to intervene. We have identified 4 principles of early intervention. In short, these are: • we want all to have the same outcomes and the same opportunities; • we identify those at risk of not achieving those outcomes and take steps to prevent that risk materialising;

• where the risk has materialised, we take effective action; • we work to help parents, families and communities to develop their own solutions, using accessible, high quality public services as required

Outcome 3
how to look after children’s skin, hair and teeth

How does a positive environment and routine support children and their families emotional needs? It teaches children how to behave with people in general, so it would help children know how to communicate with their parents and families positively and how to speak to visitors politely. It could also help children to talk to staff about worries they have if the staff are positive and approachable. Having a positive environment also allows parents to talk to the staff and feel included and equal.

why is it important for children to have physical and mental time? Basics for a child’s good physical health:
Nutritious food
Adequate shelter and sleep
Healthy living environment
Basics for a child’s good mental health:
Unconditional love from family
Self-confidence and high self-esteem
The opportunity to play with other children
Encouraging teachers and supportive caretakers
Safe and secure surroundings
Appropriate guidance and discipline
Give children unconditional love.
Love, security and acceptance should be at the heart of family life.  Children need to know that your love does not depend on his or her accomplishments. Mistakes and/or defeats should be expected and accepted. Confidence grows in a home that is full of unconditional love and affection. Nurture children’s confidence and self-esteem.

Praise Them - Encouraging children’s first steps or their ability to learn a new game helps them develop a desire to explore and learn about their surroundings. Allow children to explore and play in a safe area where they cannot get hurt.  Assure them by smiling and talking to them often. Be an active participant in their activities. Your attention helps build their self-confidence and self-esteem. Set Realistic Goals - Young children need realistic goals that match their ambitions with their abilities. With your help, older children can choose activities that test their abilities and increase their self-confidence. Be Honest - Do not hide your failures from your children. It is important for them to...
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