Unique and Shared Traits

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Marriage and family
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Essay one unique and shared trait
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Unique and Shared Traits. Essay One
At some point in your life somebody is going to ask you “what makes you, who you are, what special characteristics do you have?” How are you going to answer this question? I have been asked this question, in many different forms throughout my life; and I have always had trouble answering it. I was asked this question again in this class so I am going to answer it the best way I can. I am answering this question in three different parts, the first being my unique characteristics, the second being distinct characteristics, and the last being universal human characteristics. By doing this I hope that you will be able to understand what makes me who I am. I would like to share three of my favorite unique characteristics that make me who I am. My unique characteristics would be something that is special and unique to me. It would be something that I have that nobody else has, but people know that it belongs to be. I have this ring that my mother gave me. It was her first wedding ring that she gave me about 10 years ago. During the past 10 years I have made some changes to the ring to make it my own and unique. I changed it for yellow gold to white gold. I also changed the artificial diamonds to real diamonds. To me the ring symbolizes family values. This ring is a family heirloom and it's been handed down from generation to generation. The next unique item I possess is a 3 inch scar on my right knee. Which I received having my knee and ligaments reattached when I was 13 years of age. After surgery I forgot how to walk. As a result of forgetting how to walk I had to go through three months of physical therapy in order to walk again. The scar to me represents the determination to never give up. The last thing would be my Miss pre-teen crown and sash. I won Miss pre-teen Washington when I was 12 ½ years of age. My crown and sash...
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