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What is the Effect of Unions on the General Employment of a Skilled Trade Laborer? An Annotated Bibliography

Critical Preface
Today, the economy is split into two income levels wiping out middle class and crippling the economy. Now one of the countries main staples in labor law enforcement is one of the direct causes of the disappearing middle class. Though I was aware of the union’s stronghold on the skilled labor forces, I was still unaware of how largely they affected the skilled labor force financially. For this proposal, I decided to discover why labor unions were so important to the culture of the 1950’s and how to distance ourselves from their overpriced work force of today. I pose questions that ask if the unions are essential to the economy and how we can fund more projects open to the skilled labor workforce to produce competitiveness. These questions will be examined thoroughly because the public must obtain a solution for the skilled labor force which is a big portion of the unemployed work force.

I compiled my research during the week of March 20, 2008. The resources chosen for the bibliography are all articles that cover the trade unions and their impact on the economy. These sources provided answers to the questions used during my research. For example; how the economy is affected by the unions? By using a wide variety of opposing view points I can also illustrate the how the unions have supported the economy in the past, but are not necessary for today.

Annotated Bibliography
Hassett, Kevin. “The Influence of the Labor Unions is Declining.” Opposing View Points: Work. Ed. James Haley. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2002. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. Baker College. 25 Mar. 2009 This is a view point article that is written to target the U.S. work force. It provides a glimpse into history and how labor unions affected us around the start of the labor movement in 1842. This article also explains the problems that companies...
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