Union point of view in the Battle of Gettysburg

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July 1–3 1863 the Battle of Gettysburg, the days the will always be our people memory and history for years to come. One might say that the war made of started no to our favor, but we ended it with our heads held high. This war was all in favor for us, and there was no way we were going to lose. It was in our land and the Union soldier’s numbers was greater than the Confederate. The war was basically a victory since the beginning.

What Really Happened
The day began when Confederate Troops attacked the Union Calvary Division at McPherson Ridge, our soldiers even though out number were able to push them back and gain some time. But the afternoon more southern troops were brought that managed to push the troops back through the town where many of the soldiers were captured before they could regroup on Cemetery Hill. Meade's Army arrived in the night and toiled on their defenses for the next day’s battle. This first day was sadly a loss. But the troop’s moral was still high and didn’t go down through all the war.

Confederate General James Longstreet was able to somehow brake through Union Lines at the Peach Orchard and get to Devils Den. But then General G.K. Warren noticed that Little Round Top was unmanned and he rushed to get men on that hill. Confederate attacked at us all day but got nowhere. Many say this was a draw but we this was a Union victory.

At the end of the third day it was obvious how was the winner; and we were there standing. Many good man had lost their life that day; but they will never be forgotten. Killed- 3,155
Wounded- 14,531
Missing- 5,369
Total- 23,055
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