Uninvited Guest, a Story

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                  Uninvited Guest

It was Friday night. I was looking forward to staying at home and just hanging out. My parents were at a Thunder game. My sister was with her boyfriend. It was just me and my dogs.

I thought I would watch tv and then go to my room and play some video games. While watching basketball my dogs started acting weird. They would look out our front door which is glass and then run to the window. I figured they where watching our cat eat a mouse or maybe they saw a squle or something.

I decided to go to the kitchen and make a sandwhich. We were out of pickles and I needed them to make my sandwhich complete. My mom kept them in the basement. I Decided to go get them when I swear, I heard a noise coming from the basement. Was that my imagination playing tricks on me?

Then my  friend next-door rung the door bell. He came in and decided to stay awhile . I started telling him about all the odd things going on. He said I was just nervous being by myself. I asked him if he would go down to the basement for me since I hated going down there. It has always creeped me out, especially the room behind the door .

Well Bailey started going down the stairs. All of a sudden he sprinted up the stairs . His heart was pounding. He said "he was sure he had seen the doorknob turn." . After that we ran to his house to wait for my parents.

After my parents came home we told them what happened . My dad took a flashlight and went to check if out. After what seemed like a really long time,my dad came up the stairs. He said nothing was out of sorts and it was all our imagination after all.
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