Unilever Product Life Cycle

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William Hesketh Lever founded lever Brothers in 1885.

In the beginning as soap manufacturer but later diversified in to food and personal care products.
Unilever's corporate centers are London and Rotterdam.

Walls’ Introduction
Walls introduced in Pakistan in 1997-98. The product line consists from lollies to ice creams. This includes Cornetto, Callipo, Max, Kulfis, Top Ten Choc Bars, Feast, Milky Way and etc.
Unilever committed its own resources to acquire 'Polka' and consolidate the ice cream market for Lever Brothers Pakistan. Low gearing and reputation as a multinational blue chip give Lever ready access to capital at good terms to fund growth


Magnum was introduced in 15th of June,2001

Effective weights of mass audience advertising publicly displayed in the summer landscape, would strengthen consumer attachment to the brand and develop strong associations with the summer season •The first premium-quality ice cream to enter the adult impulse market.. ;l

Product Life Cycle

If one looks at a category, the product life cycle seems to be an important determinant for all sorts of decisions
Generally a product should be kept in the growth stage as long as possible.
Magnum’s Life cycle

Magnum is in the growth stage.

Due to the amount of awareness in the market, and the sales figures crossing targets, the product can be seen in the growth stage. On the PLC, market growth is also associated with increase in sales. This leads to the market becoming more attractive.

Cycle-Recycle Pattern
The Cycle –Recycle Pattern is adopted because of seasonality of the sale. •In Eid,Happy New year, Valentines day,Christmas and other seasonal events the sales follow pleasant upward trend due to the new flavors and varieties introduced by the firm.

Total Quality Management

Its all about ever barricading eminence i.e ever improving quality.
The quality of the product should be increase with the passage of time to keep customers as well induce new customers.

Magnum’s TQM
Introduction of new Magnum’s Cup will certainly improve the quality because of inclusion of “choco-topings”. The new Cup will increase the value to the customer because of its “take away” facility. “pricing?”

Magnum’s TQM Again

Since Magnum is a premium choc bar and people are paying the premium to get this premium choc bar ,the TQM does have a great vitality in this context. •Magnum is thought as a superb quality choc bar that’s why people wouldn’t compromise on the quality . •They know “they are paying for the best”

Forecasting and Demand Management

The ice cream market is particularly influenced by the weather and Wall uses a weather index to gauge conditions for sales •Also during peak seasons like Eids, Happy New Year and Independence Day demand is high and prices are lowered so as to compete with the other rivals prevailing in the industry .

Magnum’s sales forecast
In terms of Magnum, this seasonality is relatively low. This is because Magnum is an impulse buying item .
In examining the seasonality one must consider the target market of Magnum. Will these people refrain from having a magnum in cold weather?
The variation in sales will not be as high or drastic as other ice creams or categories.

Positive Aspects for Sales

Pakistan’s population growth rate is almost 2% per annum. •Urbanization trend on the boom i.e people are inducing towards higher life standards of living in cities. •Growth in GDP/capita reflects in the consumption pattern of the people. •Improved level of law and order conditions results in more FDI’s hence an attractive market.

Product and Product Mix
A product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a need and and...
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