Uniforms in Public Schools

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There is a nationwide debate about whether public schools should require their students to wear uniforms. This policy should be implemented, because uniforms take importance away from materialism, and encourage students to focus on their work. Many supporters believe that the students will behave how they are dressed. If they are dressed in a tailored manner, then the students will act accordingly. Uniforms also encourage unity, take importance away from differences, and make schools better places in which to learn. Dress codes often improve discipline and lessen bullying and teasing.
There are many reasons for having uniforms in public schools. School uniforms have been shown to improve test scores, raise school pride, increase attendance, reduce violence, and help students express themselves in ways other than fashion. Many studies have shown that school uniforms improve test scores. School uniforms cause students to have more school pride. When students feel proud of their school they are more likely to behave themselves, perform well on tests, and focus on their lessons. A uniform averts the wearing of gang colors, and reduces the stigma felt by students unable to afford designer labels.
Two negative issues raised in this debate are the cost of uniforms for parents who struggle financially, and the limit of freedom of expression. Some school's uniforms range between $150 and $300 per student, not including maintenance. However, this is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of students, and serves as an investment in a child’s academic growth. Paying the cost of a school uniform that everyone must wear versus the price of buying new clothes that fit a strict dress code eventually adds up in savings. Many people also worry that not allowing children to wear certain clothing will suppress student creativity or restrict their First Amendment rights.
There are numerous ways to express oneself besides clothing; school uniforms encourage students to communicate

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