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Uniforms Equal the Best Education - Argumentative

By trioscopic May 28, 2013 567 Words
Uniforms equal the best education.

All I ever hear at school is the constant complaining of uniforms yet little do they know it is only for their own good. They think it's torture but they're only there to help, help students rather than fight against them. It's for their benefit, and only for their own benefit.

The main reason why all schools should have uniforms is because it stops judgment among other students. A family that can't afford the right clothes for their students may be mocked or made fun of because they cannot have the privilege of owning such popular clothes. This could actually be significant to your student by teaching them that there is more to life than a cool logo. Uniforms will make everyone look equal as if they are all part of a big family. Allowing them to respect each other more and more and will help reduce the amount of violence as well. Everyone knows that stopping violence in general is impossible, but uniforms with help with this problem very significantly.

The cost is another reason why uniforms are superior. Buying a few school uniforms instead of a new school wardrobe every fall is much more economical. The money a parent saves by not having to buy day to day clothes can be used instead to buy other things a family needs. On top of this economical benefit, it also makes mornings easier because each student knows exactly what they need to wear the second they wake up to get ready for school. There's no more prolonged decision making on whether you should wear this t-shirt or that one. This makes time in the morning much more efficient.

Help from uniforms also saves the school money and time as well. Schools without a school uniform policy still have rules on what clothing is and is not allowed in school and teachers must monitor the students' attire to make sure they don't break any of these rules. With a uniform, this allows students to be very easily identified and makes it very difficult for students to disobey the dress code. This restriction on the student will also cause them to show more respect in general because they realize that there needs to be some respectable effort to receive a good education. Later in their life, students will also be happy to understand that dressing formal every day will give themselves a sense of relief when they are older and have to dress formal to work. By that time, they will be pros at dressing nice.

Relating to the previous reason with it being very easy to spot out a student without a uniform, this brings us to our next reason involving the safety of the student. Uniforms will make it easier to identify those who are not from the school and therefore increase security/safety. There have been many school shootings due to an outsider simply entering the campus, pretending to be a student. You don't want your student to be shot do you?

Uniforms should be in all schools, both private and public. There are no down sides to uniforms other than the students will to make such a commitment. They will not only give your student a safer learning environment, but will save you money and bring your student together with his peers giving them a stronger school spirit.

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