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Students Should Wear Uniforms
\students should wear uniforms because, it stops bullying. When people can’t afford the most expensive clothes they get bullied. I observed over time that, most students like designer clothes, but everyone can’t get it so they called names. students need to wear uniforms so everyone can look the same. The students would look nice and well put together. If students all have on the same outfits they can’t get talked about. Wearing uniforms will prevent stereotypes as well.

Wearing uniforms can be cost efficient to a family’s household. Uniforms cost less than regular designer clothes. For example, students like to wear Versace, Gucci, and True Religion jeans. When you wear uniforms you don’t have to spend over 200 dollars all on different outfits. Some parents get stressed because their children complain about looking the best and having the newest clothes. When wearing uniforms you don’t have to worry about competing for having the best outfit. Uniforms will bring all of the attention away from the designer clothes.

Having a uniform policy would also make students focus on school. I observed in my classes that, girls worry about how their clothes look than if they’re going to pass their class. Boys focus more on what type of new shoes are going to come out than trying to learn the subject in class. When you wear uniforms you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary things. Uniforms will bring the focus off the materialistic things. 93% of students get smarter when wearing uniforms. It is a true fact students grades go up 35%, and it is a great thing to do to raise high expectations.

One might object that, students shouldn’t wear uniforms because it takes away their freedom. Relying on clothes to express your creativity is sad. Individuality should be shown through one’s ideas and personality. Uniforms equalize students socially and economically. Students can add their own creativity to their...
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